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Artemis V2.0 is fast approaching, so I wanted to finally unveil the V2.0 UI re-design.
As you can see, not everything is changed, but everything looks and works better.

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It definitely looks more polished and refined.  I think I did expect the design and workflow of it all to be very different.  It's not, but the UI before wasn't unintuitive, so familiar is probably good.

One thing that's a little confusing for me is Picture 2:  Solo.  The description sounds like the classic one-bridge co-op play I'm familiar with, but "solo" throws me.  Is there a way to effectively play as a single player?  I can't imagine how that would work.  It seems to me that, much like in 1.x, the only difference between Solo and Co-op in 2.0 is how many players there are and whether you break into multiple bridges.
  • What's the reason for the arbitrary separation?
  • Does this mean that if I start a solo game, and more players show up, people can't just hop onto another ship?  Does the game need to be restarted in the other mode?
I can see a situation where a one-bridge game expands because more people come in.  So launch a second ship on the fly.  Then let's say stuff gets hilarious and the two ships experience some friction.  One bridge could "declare war" and then the IFFs would go green to red.

Ok.  That last piece is just wishlisting, but to demonstrate the fluidity in play and storytelling I've come to love from Artemis.  Would love to understand the questions above though!

Great work as always.

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Looks amazing! 

So glad we have another Artemis day coming up at our library in September!

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Love the new look for the UI though I can't help but feel the Engineering station should have some extra notches on it to denote spots like 125%, 150%, etc. Totally gonna be grabbing a copy for my friends and I when it's done.

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I know it's too late for this to really make it into 2.0 but, since it should be simple, maybe 2.2. I second the idea of tick marks on the engineering sliders at least on the 50's (50, 100,150, 200, 250) or maybe even closer together at the top (50, 100, 150, 200, 225, 250, 275, 290). From an engineering stand point, I'd say at least 100, 150, and 250 are the non-300 values that show up in my presets.


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Nice look! 

One OCD request... if it's not too much trouble, could missile types be listed in the same order everywhere they're displayed? On the Weapons console, the missile stores are listed in descending order. Everywhere else--status readouts, etc--they're listed ascending. It's always been a bit disconcerting if you're looking between Weapons and other screens, trying to announce the remaining missiles based on the position of the stores.

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I'd second LawsonThompson's request (as a fellow OCD sufferer). I also wouldn't mind seeing the tube info on the Weaps screen condensed over into the bottom left corner more. At zoom 2 any enemy ships approaching from that direction are obscured until well within firing range.

I know I've brought this point up before, but my group loves to play with only player firing arcs showing; and, we have to reset it every new game in the client options screen, usually just as a battle is starting. Is there any way to put this option over in the server main menu, and set it one time when we first boot up the server?
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Looks very nice indeed. But what does "Neutral" mean in the shot of the reworked helm?

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Reworked helm

Climb - means your raising your ship (Up bubble, Z - plus)
Neutral - means your holding position (neither climb or dive)
Dive - means your lowering your position (down bubble, Z- minus)

A lot like a submarine. You can't spin on the Z - axis (face straight down/up) like Star Trek Wrath of Kahn.

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I gotta wait for one more week?!

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If Thom adds in more surprises, like he did between the 1.98beta and the 1.99 beta, in the next week, you will want to wait those 7 days. They are all nice touches that really expand the feel of the game and give it greater depth. I am really looking forward to the official release and revealing it at Strategicon at the end of the month. I already have people rabidly waiting for the game to come back, and are they going to be surprised with the improvements.

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How 'bout a Pre-order? I could pay the Upgrade now and get it when it comes out.
Get your thumb out of your ass and WARP SPEED!
- Captain Voreage, when the helm was letting the ship drift into a black hole
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The UI looks (better) but I really don't see much of a change in the game mechanics.  I was hoping for a little more...   I am going to list a few suggestions.

1. Add scatter packs to some ship types....  These should be limited to the Carrier Class
2. Add More ship types, we can do a lot better in this area. (use drop down menus to list) This might make for some very interesting fleet battles.
3. Add Monsters... (Dooms Day Machines) how about several/
4. Planets to protect as well as stations.
5. Set the ability to operate the base station instead of a ship.  (Cool) Command the Starbase!

6. Make some Territories which can be seen on the map and allow users to populated those areas and fly those enemy ship into battle.

7. I'll say it again allow the communications officer to write their own test messages. This is useful when communicating ship to ship in fleet actions.

8. Add at least 6 torpedoes to the Galaxy Class star ships

9. Use better shop models. 

Lastly by not the least.  Give is a way to purchase those uniforms! Different colors please!
Come on guys market will you.....    Until I see this I want to wait on the next version of the game.  Me and the friend think it will be worth the wait.


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1. What would a scatter pack be?

2. I agree, more ship types would be nice. There ARE currently mods out there that do just this for those unwilling to wait.

3. Do you mean unkillable space monsters? Because those already are in the game and have been for quite some time.

4. There are some mods that add planets, but the current scale of Artemis is completely wrong to include planets. It would be cool, but would involve a lot more than just adding in models for a solar system.

5. Asside from this being used for a fleet admiral, I don't see what a person playing as a station would do. They don't have any weapons, they can't move, all the person would do is sit there and look at the map.

6. Do you mean having multiple sectors you can play in? There are currently some mission scripts that have this in them, most notably Chas's newest mission and Xavier's sandbox. Both involve going to various sectors, though Xavier's sandbox is many more sectors with a few things to do in it currently. I admit, it would be nice if there was built in galaxy maps in which you needed to run from sector to sector defending each along the way for those of us willing to devote longer chunks of time to a single session, but for me this is a fairly low priority compared to new ships/enemy types/missionsin invasion modes, as well as a more fleshed out PvP mode (It would be really nice to see an impulse only option or an "Exclude _____ ordnance" options in PvP. The Nebula Hides All is a really nice function for PvP though!)

7. While text communication would be nice if people don't have the ability to run to the room next door to them and say something or to use skype or teamspeak or some other voice communication program, it isn't huge, as typically people in those situations don't have that many players in the first place or can make due without it.

8. Galaxy class ship? What type of torpedoes, or do you mean tubes?

9. The ship models are what they are. I personally would much rather the game focus on gameplay itself then make fancy new models occupying Thom for a long time to make them. Also, if the models get much nicer then the game wouldn't run as well on older hardware, which MANY people still use to play Artemis. I've seen people use laptops from the Windows XP era to play Artemis and it runs smoothly on even them.

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