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Mike Substelny

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Originally Posted by Liberty4All

Admiral Bob: "Task Force Bravo! Have Fulminatae detach and join Task Force Alpha in Polaris"

Belisarius: "Roger Command. Fulminatae, detach from Bravo and redeploy to Task Force Alpha in Polaris sector" Captain, Fulminatae is being detached and reassigned.

Fulminatae: "Roger that, Belasarius. On our way to Polaris." (switches to TF Alpha channel)
Fulminatae: "Fulminatae to Task Force Alpha; we are on our way! What's the sitrep?"

Task Force Alpha Leader: "Fulminatae, we need you to engage the enemy group in Delta 4 when you arrive. They have broken through our lines and we are otherwise engaged"


I am glad you are making plans ahead of time. You should also keep in mind that patrols and reconnaissance missions will be important. At the start of the war players might have limited sensor range. The Admirals can upgrade sensor range by spending some build points, so depending on their decisions it's possible everyone will start with unlimited sensors. We will see.

But assuming the Admirals spend the initial build points buying ships, sensor range will be limited. The TSN forces will need several ships patrolling a sector just to keep track of enemy positions. So you could have this:

Admiral Bob: "Task Force Bravo! When you arrive in Polaris conduct a full recon sweep of the sector."

Belisarius: "Roger Command, we are arriving now. Fulminatae, sweep the northern third of the sector. Hyperion you sweep the south. We'll take the center."

Hyperion: "Acknowledged, Belasarius."

Fulminatae: "Acknowledged, Belasarius. We've detected a fleet of unknowns. Scanning now."

(time passes)

Belisarius: "Task Force Bravo to Admiral Bob. Our sweeps of Polaris have located a massive enemy fleet in A3 moving south."

Admiral Bob: "That fleet does not appear on our map. Report enemy fleet composition immediately!"

Belisarius: "Two Kralien Inquisitors, four Dreadnoughts, six Torgoth Behemoths, two Leviathans, and a Skaraan who cloaked before we could read his specials. Task Force Bravo awaiting orders."

(Admiral Bob updates the War Map and confers with other Admirals.)

Admiral Bob: "Attention Task Force Bravo! You will engage that enemy fleet and destroy if possible. Otherwise you must delay their advance. We have no reinforcements at this time. Do not - repeat - do not risk losing any capital ships. Fall back if necessary. Acknowledge."

Belisarius: "Task Force Bravo acknowledges. Enemy fleet now entering B3. We will engage to destroy or delay, but we will not risk losing our ships. Belisarius out."

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I figure step one is to send out the scouts to sweep the various sectors. I imagine that battle groups will come into play often as multiple ships are sent into a sector.

Rotation and break time will also be something needed to consider. Would be a shame not allow people to have a non stressful pickup game here and there with other ships at Armada.

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