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Mike Substelny

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Originally Posted by DupeOfURL
Mike Substelney - allow me to suggest that whatever weekend is selected, please co-coordinate w/ that gaming store* that is trying to run Thursday night Artemis nights.  Seems like the proper way to warm up for Armada would be to get there Thursday night and Play More Artemis

* cannot recall name of store....  Comms officer from Project Draco runs it - MarkBell or ClaveStone would know his name.  Just blanking out right now.... 

Are you talking about Critical Hit Games in Cleveland Heights?

They hold Artemis nights on one of Thom's rigs on the first and third Thursday of every month. Thom does work closely with them all the time.

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Will absolutely be coming back for this.

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Mike - that DOES sound right.  #TheMemoryIsWeakWithThisOne...... 

AND now I've got to check on UB Con dates.  Would HATE to miss it, this'll be the 26th consecutive year {of 28}.  {And I break out my bridge-in-a-bag to entertain the masses.}  But I can't miss Armada, this will be 3 for 3!  AARRGGHH!!  ; - )

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I know the crew of the HOW2STARSHIP and I are already on board for this.  Guess I should start building out my upgraded DMX-powered bridge now, rather than waiting until a couple weeks prior like this year.
Captain, TSN HOW2STARSHIP???, Chicago, IL
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