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Hey Guys,

First and foremost... I'm SO excited to save some space whales. My crew and I have attended every Armada and this year is no different. However this year we are down two crew members with less then a month till the con! In past years we have just grabbed people on the floor, which admittedly works out really well. Still, I thought we'd throw a line out here and see if anyone would want to "join" for our 7:30pm Central Wednesday practice sessions and/or for our time at Armada.

Our crew loves this game and really enjoys the experiences this game allows. We try to take our games semi-serious but by the end we usually end up sacrificing our ship to the black hole gods.

If you'd like to join for Armada, or just jump in for our Wednesday Artemis games, drop a line here or PM me. Also, we purchased the crew pass for the Armada, so no need to purchase an individual pass!

Cheers 😉
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