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Originally Posted by DieserLasse

"Please save us! This is a civilian transport! We have women, children and eggs aboard! You can't leave us to die! We are of one nest! I beg you!"

Still a great moral dilemma for any captain... Gives me goosebumps every time a new captain has to face it. Again and again. 

Is there a remote chance you could update other missions to 2.6 or even 2.7? 

The „eggs“ were discussed very thoroughly at my last crew. [wink]

Yeah, please keep on going, even if I have to translate them again!

Sorry, English is not my native language, I am German.
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What missions from this campaign currently work in 2.7.1?

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Mission seems to work fine in 2.7.1, though we did run into a problem where we had to use torpedoes to free the ship trapped in the Asteroid.

I look forward to updates on the rest of the campaign!


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Hey.we tried the mission out this weekend. SPOILER ALARM! It worked well until waves and waves of enemies spawned. It didnt stop as we were not able to take down the gate. The whole game went stuck on all Computers due to much traffic or so.we tried it two times. No Chance to destroy the gate as the weapons and helm were not able to Work properly any more.any idea why this was the case? Then we started the second mission out of original Version. The spawned 4 Ships were overpowered in the 2.7.0 Version and took down any torpedo or nuke we it ran into a unlimited chase through the whole System. Too Bad. ;-) but i really Love the Story and we Like to play them all.
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