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 Which Ardent Missions Did You Enjoy
 Episode One - Cause And Effect 10 25%
 Episode Two - Lost Souls 8 20%
 Episode Three - Through The Looking Glass 5 12%
 Episode Four - Needle In A Hay Stack 4 10%
 Episode Five - The Wall 4 10%
 Episode Six - Convoy Of Perils 4 10%
 Episode Seven - Chasing Phantoms 4 10%
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Arrew, There is obvious signs that people are enjoying your missions. Considering that many simply don't use these forums the numbers would be larger and show that the missions are being played. I appreciate your work on them and I would love to see updated versions so that they will continue to be viable into the future. To be honest I looked at several in the mission editor program and there are things that you coul dadd on to make them much more sophisticated. I am not suggesting you use the editor to write them but they are a good source of feed back what the program would be looking for so there will be no issues with them when they run.

Thanks Arrew In my opinion these Ardent missions are the best around.


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On the unsecured message: If I understand you correctly, the captain and crew suckered for it first time, It was a piece of the whole mission that made it feel immersive, I guess is the only word I can find right now. It made it better. It was an extremely good idea to put into the Mission. More like that in the reworked missions might even be a good plot device. A kind of running second level story or secondary sub plot? In any case a very good inclusion.


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Originally Posted by Arrew
I started getting my files together to make an updated version of these missions since people have been asking about them, but I have two questions or at least need a bit of feedback.

1... Does the community really want them? What's the desire for scripted mission these days?

2... A bit of a spoiler for episode one. There's an unsecured message that leads the players into a trap. What feedback is there about it? Did you get what was going on or was it unclear? Would an ambush be better in it's place?

Thanks.... [biggrin]

 I think if you have time and could update both the Ardent and SpaceCorp missions there are more than enough people that would play them. Many people have only been playing for a year or so and would jump at the opportunity to run these missions. 


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Unsecured message:
I played this originally on my own running 4 screens or something.  I didn't fall for the unsecured message, but I still enjoyed it.  It might need some more "sneakiness" or something; maybe instead of unsecured, it's actually on an older security algorithm or something.  And there's no reason it couldn't be both.  I went in knowing it was probably a trap, but maybe the enemy is a little smarter and can manage to still hide and drop an ambush in there somewhere.

Regardless, I'm getting ready to run a crew through the campaign, so if we last that long (I don't remember what episode it was in) I'll let you know what they think.
(If I remember to come back, since I have a legitimate "out of sight, out of mind" issue.)

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Uploading an updated episode one for you guys to try out... 😉

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Hi all!
Me and my friends are quite new to Artemis, but we soon became tired of solo missions, so we began to look for scripted missions and found this campaign.
Thank you so much for creating this, we are really enjoying it! We would definitely love if you created more episodes!

We had a few problems in Episode Two, though - with beaming up the escape pods. We didn't realize that they should be destroyed. The message is a bit unclear, and moreover, we weren't sure if "tactical" refers to Weapons or Captain's Map. We tried everything, restarted the mission twice, flew from one to the other and spent half an hour reading this forum for help. 😉
Shooting was actually one of the first things we tried, but the pod kept sending us messages not to shoot at them, so we stopped.
Also, the mission should have stopped when entering friendly space - and it didn't. Again, we spent a lot of time flying back and forth until we were almost out of energy - at the end we had to enter the enemy space again and that finished the mission.

Loved the puzzle part, though! 😉


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A coupe of things: Arrew hasnt been active on theforums for quite a long time; which is unfortunate because he made some great missions for the community.

Also, this script is made for whatever version of Arremis was available at the time. I dont know which version that is specifically, but it was many revisions ago. That neans that the script triggers have likely changed and some problems will occure with the script.p

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Thank you for the answer - that makes perfect sense!

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All the files are no longer available.  Does anyone have these up on their dropbox still?

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Buried in this thread, Post 130 on Page 9 has a zip file of all of them, hosted on the forum:

I went digging yesterday so it's still fresh in mind.

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I am going to try this with my kids! 9 and 7 year old. We are doing Seige now with great joy. Trying to convince mother to join as well.
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