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Mike Substelny

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I believe "Race for Distant Dawn" is the most challenging and fun mission I have ever written, but it requires a Ximni carrier using jump drive with a full compliment of fighters. The crew must have a highly skilled Communications Officer who will be using a new and updated Communications console.

This battle takes place during the Ximni Civil War, a terrible time when Ximni ships fought other Ximni ships. An entire planet has been evacuated just ahead of a devastating assault. Now your carrier is charged with escorting millions of refugees through jump after jump until your rag-tag fleet reaches safety. You will be jumping blindly into sector after sector filled with unknown hazards. All the while, a vastly superior fleet of your fellow Ximni will be just one jump behind you.

To apply for this harrowing battle click here.

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Your Canon missions have always been intense! While the Illuminati is unlikely to participate in the mission, I'll happily volunteer as a fighter pilot should any crew need some extra Xim.
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Sounds fun, I may apply and see where it goes from there!


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My crew has put its application in, has been been focusing heavily on jump carrier operations, and is ready to prove our Xim and ready to dress like it as well! (we're pretty much all LARPers, so...)

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Looks like Glavestone & I can expect A LOT of "practice runs" on the Privateer Carrier this time!  Drives are modular, right??  Easier to swap out Warp for Jump that way.  #LiveLongTheFighters!   
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