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I scored some cheap used windows 8 tablets on ebay recently- Dell Latitude 10s with Intel Atom z2760.

The screens are nice, but they aren't anything to write home about on the performance side of things. In particular, engineering and weapons chug a bit, to the point of being awkward to play.

Are there any mods or config modifications that can reduce the computing power needed to run the game? Running in compatibility mode etc.? Unfortunately, overclocking isn't an option for these chips. I haven't tried ending background processes yet, so if it's a memory issue, I could go down that route.


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Try upgrading the RAM if you can but note that your maximum RAM is limited to 2.5GB, due to a hard limit in the CPU ->

I would also uninstall absolutely everything that you don't need and then stop and disable extraneous background apps and services.

That said, they are probably as fast as they will ever be so don't expect miracles.

Good luck!

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Cool. I wasn't thinking about RAM as a possible culprit.

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A while back there was an option added to remove the VIS tab, which I recall helped me circa 2005 laptop handle artemis better.  Perhaps it will help here?

In artemis.ini, set showVisTab to 0.

; SETTING: showVisTab
; USE: when set to 1, the VIS tab will let a client see the 3d view
; ACCEPTABLE: 0 or 1, 0 means don't draw the VIS tab


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Replying to my own thread for posterity's sake.

I didn't find anything to help the performance of the game. I've decided to purchase some beefier tablet for the main stations and save the extra terrible tablets for comms/ noninteractive displays (Data for the captain).

I just wanted to share that these Insignia Flex 11.6 inch tablets are great for Artemis:

They are awkwardly heavy, build quality and industrial design are pretty bad, trackpad is pretty bad... BUT the screen is large, it's a touchscreen that works, and the Atom chip is one of the later ones that can handle Artemis quite well (I believe you could even run half life 2 or pared down skyrim on something like this).

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I've gotten some old laptops and did a fresh install of Win10 on them for Artemis stations.  One of the steps I took was to set the paging file (virtual RAM) to try to maximize the performance.  I've not conducted clean side-by-side experiments to validate this, but it's one of the few things I can control about these old laptops, so I went ahead with it.  Here are the steps in Win10 (though it's similar in earlier versions).

1)     Set up your paging file (virtual RAM – especially important if you just have 2 GB of RAM)

  1. Open “System Information”.  Lookup  the amount of “Physical Ram” installed.
  2. Open “Disk Management”.  Right click the main partition of the hard drive.  Select Shrink Volume.
  3. Shrink it by your Physical RAM * 4 * 1024 + 1 (e.g. 2 GB RAM = 8193, 4 GB = 16385)
  4. Right-click Unallocated, choose “New Simple Volume”
  5. Set the Simple Volume Size to the max of what’s left, assign it a drive letter, then quick format.
  6. Open “Performance Options”

             i.     Choose “Adjust for best performance”

             ii.     On the Advanced tab, under Virtual Memory, select “Change”

             iii.     Uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size…”

             iv.     Select the drive you just created

             v.     Select “Custom Size” and set both the Initial Size and the Maximum Size to the Space Available – 5 MB.  Click Set.  Then OK.

             vi.     Click Apply

  1. Restart the computer

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Old laptops with Windows 10 may benefit from this:

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