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Originally Posted by Mike Substelny
For the record, in Artemis 2.7.1 it is still the case that in any line which spawns an AI ship the ANGLE property is ignored and the ship is oriented toward the center of the sector. I try to think of this as a "feature" since it saves me the trouble of figuring out the correct angle to point toward the center.

If I want to point the AI ship in any other direction I can always change the ANGLE property in a later line of code.

Well, presumably the intention is for the angle to be towards the center if no angle is specified, and the angle given if one is specified. But it is more an issue than a bug that it doesn't work since it can be overridden with set_object_property.

Alternately, the angle attribute can be deprecated, or stated to be intended only for type="player".

I'll admit that I don't even bother setting angle. (Even though I assign a value to it. I should probably just go remove that)

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