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Hello!  I'd like to ask everyone for their recommendations for Android tablets for Artemis.

I'm looking to purchase 6 Android tablets for Artemis use.  (A very powerful [i7-5820k + GTX 980] workstation Windows 7 PC and plasma HDTV are serving as the Main Viewer)  I'm trying to keep the budget at $400 or less by buying refurbs and the like, but the budget is flexible if the reason is compelling.

For those who have used 7" tablets, are these large enough for easy use in Artemis?  Or do I really need 10" tablets for Artemis?

Also, how does one purchase Artemis for 6 tablets on the same Google account?

Thank you everyone, for offering your recommendations and advice!

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7" tablets are "OK" for Artemis. They are a little cramped to work on for the busier stations, but generally fine for comms, captains map, etc. Attempting to operate multiple stations on a 7" can be a difficult and disappointing experience. For inexperienced players, it can be a real turnoff.

A 10" tablet is a much nicer experience with the extra screen real estate. If you're a maker-type, the 10" tablets look more at home in a wedge base or tablet stand to add to the bridge realism as well. I continue to run Artemis on a 10" HP Touchpad, but those devices are long in the tooth now and not particularly stable anymore. I haven't experimented with any of the newer, cheaper tablets available in that size, but it's worth a try as they are coming with relatively impressive specs for their price points. 

PCs have the benefit of being moddable (Star Trek, BSG mods, etc.) which isn't possible with the tablet versions, but the added expense might not be worth it to you.

Once you've purchased Artemis on your Google Play account, you can install it on any other device that's connected to Google Play with that account.

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I bought two "HP Stream 7" tablets ( for use with Artemis. They're less than $100 (currently, YMMV) and run full Windows 8.1. The CPU/GPU ( are beefy enough for stock Artemis but I don't know about some of the more graphically intensive mods.

I find they work really well for Comms and Science or as a Captain's Screen, though pinch-to-zoom can be a little wonky at times. Works OK for Helm and Weapons with the usual Artemis touch-screen weirdness. Definitely not good for engineering unless you use an external keyboard and mouse.

NOTE: Be sure to run in "Windowed Full Screen" mode if you want to access the on-screen keyboard to enter the server address (or other text.) You have to bring up the keyboard before starting Artemis.

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I have an EVGA tegra note 7 and it works really well, specially with the included stylus.

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If your going to use tablet, I would suggest at least getting windows tablets. You will miss out on a lot of cool mods and updates if you have android stuff. Believe me, I was all about the tablets when I first started and now that my whole crew uses PCs the game is so much better. Now I just wish I had the money back that I spent ontablets in the biggining.
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Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions.  I had no idea Mods were not an option on Android.  (we're looking to do the TNG mod)

HP Stream 7 seems to be the way to go from what I'm hearing, for some stations...has anyone tried them with those "beefy mods?"  (and the TNG mod, in particular?)

So I'm looking at:

2x HP Stream 7 for Comms & Science
Possible 2 more Streams for Helm/Weapons
Unselected 10 incher for Engineering

I'd love to do all 10 inchers if I can find something affordable that works...perhaps you guys have some sub-$200 10 inch Win 8.1 tablet recommendations for TNG-mod Artemis?

Thank you again.

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I'm going to recommend what I found, the Lenovo Lynx, which is an 11" tablet. It's fairly old and obsolete, but it runs Artemis okay despite that. I've found it runs about $300-$500 depending on what you can find online, and I've seen a couple for as little as $150 on eBay auctions.

If you want to go cheaper than that, you probably will have to go with 10". But I personally much prefer the larger stations. My fiancée's Surface Pro seems awfully cramped.

I agree with vfrdirk that 7" tablets are perfect for the Captain's Map. They can also serve as secondary screens, like Data screens with Tac or Sci, or if a console wants a viewscreen or data display for their own use.

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Hi! Thanks for posting this thread. I'm also interested in setting up Artemis for tablet just because it will be easier to get crew/players together without having to buy all the hardware myself.

This is also the first time I've heard of Windows only mods.

Question: is there an option to use multiple tablets/screens like on the PC version?

Everything I've read on PC seems to be about an extended desktop with Artemis windows.

Please advise.
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