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As I understand it, one of the hold-ups on the updated versions of the Artemis app is that it requires someone with significant expertise (also, the crash bugs needed to be worked out).  Since Thom does not personally have it, someone needs to be paid to do it. 

It will be fairly expensive, but if we set up a Go Fund Me or Kickstarter for that purpose I bet there would be enough interest from the community to make it happen.


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Actually, I am just hoping that with 3.0 comes a new restart on Android/iOS. It's possible that Thom may conclude that there was never enough interest in the tablet versions to support the port. Hopefully, posts like these may convince him otherwise.

I'll also note that phone hardware may not support whatever graphics engine he is working on, particularly if he is creating his own. I might suggest that the Android/iOS versions could potentially only support the consoles, and not the Mainscreen graphics or the Fighter display. I've heard talk of that kind of set-up being used on other versions of the bridge sim genre.

(Actually, the bridge sim in question used web page layouts for the control consoles, meaning you could connect to a console with ANY web browser, phone or otherwise. The server and mainscreen displays were in native code on PC)
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Thom's new game engine is supposed to make iOS and Android adaptations easier. That said, Thom has long lamented that there is little incentive to make Android games because they don't make any money. 
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