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Does anyone know the rules governing when allied vessels will obey orders and not?

We like to dedicate one fleet comms officer to control of allies. It is frustrating when they ignore your directions to avoid mines or refuse to manoevre into a combat-useful position.

Is it related to distance, random chance, specific AI stack settings, local conditions near the vessel?

It would be wondrful to be able to understand and help more.

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Two things affect whether a friendly NPC ship will obey Comms orders or not: The AI ship's brain stack and its "story captain" value. Every AI ship has a brain stack but story captains only exist in computer generated missions (invasion mode). Story captains are randomly assigned to some friendly ships when they spawn. If a friendly ship has a story captain then it might be out of energy, taken over by terrorists, have a computer that needs rebooting, etc.. You can find this out by hailing the ships. Usually the condition is temporary and if a player ship helps the story captain then his ship will thereafter obey Comms orders.

Until recently I always assumed that no story captain could have multiple stories at the same time, but based on recent forum posts that might be wrong. Perhaps it is possible for a ship to be (for example) both taken over by terrorists and out of energy at the same time.

Mini missions are independent of story captains. That is, it is possible for a ship that has been commandeered by terrorists to promise you nukes.

Also, little bonuses like "We have some extra energy for you" seem to be independent of story captains. As we saw recently, it is possible for a story captain to say he is out of energy while his ship says it has extra energy.

If you are playing a game-mastered mission then you are running a mission script, which means story captains are impossible, though the script might simulate a story captain. Either way, the game master or the script itself could build a brain stack that includes or omits the "Follow Comms Orders" block. If that block is omitted then the AI ship will not follow Comms orders.

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Mike - good advice, thank you.  I will say that when missions are generated they seem to PREFER story captains.  And especially the "we'll blow up" captains! 
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Agreed with Mike. In the standard randomly generated missions allied ships should only ignore your orders if they are in trouble. The most notable cause is that their computers have gone down, as I've seen such ships head at high speeds straight into hazards. Terrorists usually try to act normal and avoid hazards, while ships that are out of energy wouldn't be moving. (Or would move very slowly)

If you are running a scripted mission, the problem is most likely that the AI was not built correctly for that ship. There's nothing to do but report the error to the author. Running a script for 1.x or 2.3 or earlier may cause this problem, since the AI stacks were initialized differently.
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