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My 2 cents,

All smoke machines create a mist of some kind of vapor, water, dry ice or glycerin based, the technology is essentially the same, a vaporized liquid is floating in the air to create a smoke like effect. While cool, there are too many problems to make this a practical thing in the Artemis Spaceship bridge simulator world. the main problems are that some people can be allergic to the smoke machine vapor and liquids and electronics don't mix.

People being allergic is self explanatory so I won't go into additional detail on that one. Liquids and electronics don't mix. regardless of the vapor being created it all lands sometime. the increased humidity can cause condensation or if glycerin is used a general stickiness or film to coat your electronics. This film can lead to additional dust build up and a shorter lifespan for your computers, monitors, etc...

if you use dry ice to create a fog effect, what you are actually doing is filling the room with carbon dioxide. CO2 is heavier than oxygen and will hang about in the bottom of an enclosed space, it can be deadly if not in a well ventilated area due to creating a suffocation risk. is this likely, no, not really but anyone with small animals, or young children who are usually nearer to the floor level should be aware of this risk.

My personal approach is to look for alternative effects that can be implemented, like fiber optic cables being strategically hidden and then lit with an accompanying sound effect to simulate electrical sparks without the actual sparks. Also a fake panel made of painted foam that can be set to break apart or fall from the ceiling of the simulator area to represent debris.

These are just a couple of ideas and more can certainly be created that won't pose a danger to your operators or your electronics.

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