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Angel of Rust

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Hi all,

I haven't posted anything for a while and thought I would share a little side project I started last month. I have for the last few years been working on and off on my modular control panels for Normandy. These microcontroller-based modular control panels can be readily adapted to other applications.

As would seem to be timely, I tried my hand at applying these controls to run a set of low-pressure solenoid valves with a control loop tied, in part, to a set of air pressure transducers. I have some work to do to calibrate the flowmeter part, but my expectation is that, with a little additional tweaking, this system could be part of a low-cost DIY ventilator. When assembled with the patient loop and an air compressor, the controls can apply a set peak pressure and duration on the inspiration side, and monitor the flow out and airway pressure on the expiration side. I am told by RT folks that the ability to monitor tidal volume and end-expiratory pressure is a crucial part of the control loop, so I have that built in.

Here's what the hardware looks like. Once I confirm that the flowmeter can be reliably calibrated, I will be looking for appropriate venues to post the design where mechanically-inclined folks can take it the rest of the way.

20200419_170126 - Copy.jpg

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