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We did it! The project has reached its funding goal!
A huge thank you to the contributors who have helpeed Abyss Crew to become true!
But it's not over: the next level of funding is $ 5,000, and will unlock the survival mode!

@sunnyalan: Thanks for the support! The game is supposed to be played slightly differently than Artemis. The game works with shadows, objects hard to spot, detection with sonar and other instruments, etc.
So we choose to make no real 3D view of the surrounding, apart from portholes - who would put a big window in a submarine anyway? 😃

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Actually, a big sectional porthole would be very steampunk -- you even feature it in your game art! 😃 However, it would not be as functional as an Artemis Mainscreen. The Mainscreen magnifies the action so that targets can be identified even at maximum weapons range, and can display different views, as well as tactical maps. All of that would be too much information on a submarine.

I like the suggestion that the window on your "hub" screen could be animated, to show the immediate area in front of the ship. However, that would be a great deal of work, and introduce 3D art into what is at this point a 2D game. I can understand not wanting to do that.

A periscope, or a tactical map that the Captain can look at, I can see that being more useful. Of course, a periscope gets back to 3D graphics, but at least it would be more effective, with possible 360 degree and magnification modes. I'll note that a periscope is usually used on the surface, while Abyss Crew is by design set on the ocean floor. There may BE a periscope, but it's never used since the ship never surfaces.

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Hi, I just stumbled upon this after doing a search through the forum for something and I wanted to say how interested I am in playing this game. I hope everything is progressing nicely and that you are close to a release.

Really great look.


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Hi ogremash!
Sorry for the late response, I lost track of the topic some time ago, and I haven't posted any news for a long time now.
So, the game is still being actively developed, and we regularly ask the community their opinion about the future direction.
If you want to have the latest updates and playtest the game, you can follow our facebook page ( ) or come on our discord ( ) !

Some pictures:
A small GIF of the pilot station (without UI):

And a picture I took during the last festival:

See you on board!
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