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Here's a business case to chew on, as this is an exercise in preparing project governance and implementation for me. Don't read on if business and project management isn't your cup of tea. I understand this is not for everyone.

Proof of concept in stakeholder management, where a group of people attempts to organize a fleet level game of eight ships through the Internet.

I, personally keep seeing bridge crews pop up all over the world as they post publicly their ship name and where they are playing (IRL). I am one, excited to know they exist, and are providing the spaceship bridge simulation experience at conventions and other public spaces. Moreover, I want to play and engage with them, but they are typically too far away for a weekend trip. Hearing and seeing their excitement to go beyond just playing locally and at conventions! I, like most people who enjoy keeping records, continue to add their information to a personal document. I thought for fun, I could share this in a TSN Registry. So, I cobbled up a bootstrap template, wired it into a CMS and voila.... a registry! I call it the TSN Vessel Registry and I can assign the Commanding Officers access to their record if they so wish to keep it up to date. The TSN Vessel Registry is a Content Management System I am testing out to see if the Artemis culture is open to the idea of coordinating fleet wide games using a newly developed Nebula (Cloud) server.

Conditions to participate includes accepting a required level of conduct, having a full crew in one physical location with computers, high speed Internet access, while being able to communicate through the chain of command while in game.

When I do my stakeholder identification, I noted two types. The ones who are up for playing, or playing/publicly demonstrating, and those who would enjoy watching the crews play. Here's the initial assessment I went through.

There is no financial interest gain in hosting and participating in these games, other than to minimize operating costs to run schedule game by host.

The emotional interest includes team work, collaboration and actualizing a group goal beyond a single bridge crew.

Motivation includes a sense of belonging to the local and greater Artemis community, role playing in a fantasy science fiction space story.

The participants have a strong sense of what is going to happen, where the game play includes ship to ship communication and coordination. This includes using technology platforms such as email and web applications to schedule and implement game play within a block of time on a given day.

Participants should have a sense of understanding that the work, technology, processes and policies created and implemented are on a voluntary basis. Although, the value of the work serves the need play full eight crew games.

They must also understand there is a mechanism for constructive feedback, and using that method to send information back to organizers is to be treated objectively. The outcome is to increase engagement value for the stakeholders. (ie: players and viewers)

All participants feedback are considered important, as stakeholders... it is understood they are the ones experiencing the process.

In the unlikely hood of negative feedback that provides no real constructive value to the outcome, the organizers will need to ask for understanding that it may not be considered a high priority change.

The stakeholder registry are for those who wishes to participate is branded in a process where a group of people, organize and communicate with stakeholders such as players and observers. These people are affected by the project, and their effect and impact on this project.

If this tool and mechanism is something that is of use, I can promote it to production. In the meantime, it will stay as a test version.

TSN Vessel Register: URL

- to raise awareness and let other Artemis communities that your crew exists
- ship name identification and crew location
- flag hosts that your crew is interested in playing fleet level games
- provides dates and times that you and your crew are available to participate
- have a public facing websites and to hopefully coordinate large scale games on a occasional basis

Game Role Playing/Story Line:
In the event of war, TSN High Command can order any reserve vessels to serve during interstellar duty.

In Real Life:
You and your crew are interested in playing in some big multiship game, and chooses to register and announce that you and your crew are operational.

Business Flow:
1. Register and agree to Acceptable Use/Play Policy.
2. Invitation to join a scheduled game, based on your crew's manifest and live video stream.
3. Set your crew and ship readiness status.
4. We will email an Access Code for briefing package prior to scheduled game through selected electronic medium.

The Pitch:
Organizing and scheduling a multiship game takes a lot of effort. With the help of process management and computer hardware/software, we hope to make that a reality on a regular basis.

The current strategy is to determine interest and availability, a common exercise in stakeholder management.

Where crews register themselves under one vessel and mark their availability to participate.

The primary objective is to create a practical working culture around organizing multiship games online with a full bridge crew in real life. It could be in someone's home or at a public venue that meets the minimum connection/tech requirement.


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As of today, I've received several requests to have ship names added to the Registry. This is the first instance of group actualization being practiced, where all Artemis playing groups are invited to participate using the stock version. There are 21 ships currently registered and at least a dozen ready for deployment. So an eight ship game is possible given the ready status being provided. 

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I have learned over the past few days that different Artemis groups have chosen to identify themselves in several ways. Thank you for all those who have reached out and told me they don't identify as being part of the TSN. (Whaaaattt....)

1. The TSN faction: Those who serve the government, through military discipline and public service.

2. A variants to TSN such as USN, SSN and CAP: Those who serve the government, but identifies their own way of operating and don't necessarily adhere to just High Command.

3. The Private Military Company: Operate independently regardless of what is going on. Just pay them with money and they'll do what ever you want!

4. Alien Species: A whole new species with their own government and military force. They seem to be fighting off the same Hegemony as with everyone else. They don't necessary are ally or are enemies, but just trying to live and survive the same onslaught. We welcome new alien civilizations and micro-nations to the war!

I'm sure there are many more broad categorizations lurking in the shadows. This has lead me to thinking about re-arrange the main page of the registry. As this is now becoming a real good case study of stakeholder intake and assessment, I am able to roll with it... I initially thought everyone wanted to fight for the government (ie: TSN), but it appears I am naive and haven't learned much about all the sci-fi movies and shows I've watched! For instance, like the Maquis in Star Trek Voyager.  


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We currently have 28 crews registered and interested in playing. 

Vessels of the 7th fleet are currently amassing in the Massachusetts, US area. We welcome Captain Smith, B. to the 7th Fleet of Terran Stellar Navy. We currently have 28 crews registered, but not all have noted their available dates yet.

I'll be sending out a message to see if Captains of each vessel can complete that before July 1. Looking to put a game together for August for two hours online. In the meantime, keep those entries coming! This is super exciting. I guess this prototype is working, so I'll look at promoting it to production after we do a successful first run. We are looking for 8 crews and it might just happen.

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