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Mike Substelny

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We have not actually tested it, but the Ximni jump drive is much more energy efficient than the TSN jump drive, so Deep Strike might be possible.

What the Ximni really need is a supply ship with jump drive. That would be easy in a mission script now.

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
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Originally Posted by Mike Substelny
I do wish we had a different musical score to play when the players are crewing a Ximni ship. I don't think of the Ximni music as favoring the horns and harps of the Klingon theme, though. The Ximni need a heavy metal sound track. Perhaps something by Nazareth would suit the Ximni:


I really like the Missile Cruiser. It looks like an arrow. [biggrin]

The Scout is interesting, too. It's really just a Jump Ring with a crew compartment. Are there vapor trail ports inside the Jump Ring? It's obvious on the Scout, but it also looks like the Missile Cruiser is glowing from inside the ring.

I'm looking forward to seeing if Jump is noticeably more efficient for Ximni. Ximni might have different characterists, for instance, they might be a lot more efficient, but the jump takes more time. Then they have a second, "quick jump".
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