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First thank you to all of you who share knowledge about DMX on this board. I got bit by the Artemis bug a few years ago and just recently acquired enough computers to make it all work. I've had it up and running with a few extras: Thrustmaster HOTA for helm and one touch screen which currently serves as engineering. 

My plan is to build two lightboxes, inspired by the video from Armada about DIY DMX to place on each side of the main screen that will contain DMX lighting for Ambiance as well as specific events with speakers also built into the boxes.

So here's my question about addressing. I was wondering if anyone has done channel crossover between controllers. I want to do this in the towers when they would be mirroring what was going on in the other tower. I'm looking at these 30 channel Dumb DMX controllers.

allowing for 10 LED strips each. My idea was having one controller start at 1 and place items on channels 19, 22, 25, 28. And then set the controller in the next tower starting at 19 and having mirrored elements from the other tower for those 4 LED strips. In theory leaving 6 strips in each tower still independent and leaving lots of addresses for expansion down the road.

I know Scotty said "The more they over take the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain." but I's like to add lots of bells and whistles in time, including various statuses to the lightboxes.

Thanks in advance. I hope to share the journey once parts start arriving.

P.S. anyone close to Dayton I'm happy to buy a beverage for the purpose of picking your brain about my build.
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There should be no reason why what you're proposing won't work. The DMX controller addressing scheme (usually just DIP switches), just lets the controller chip know which addresses to pay attention to. All of the controllers on the DMX bus will receive the same signals. It should work just fine.

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You could set both boards to the same setting and wire the strips mirrored. Then you wouldn't have to mirror the program. Either way that's certainly enough controller to do what you want to do. You could do the entire project on one of them.
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