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Maybe if the button were reversed, so the highlighted side was to the left instead of the right.

I came up with this as an example of my "overlay" idea. Of course, this would require much more work than just moving the button, so I wouldn't expect it in the next release. The overlay also seems kind of small, but it could just be the tip of the bottom of the overlay, which covers the whole screen.

That really makes the option more prominent, though, not less. Although I think it does balance the open area across the top. The button doesn't look as "lonely", if you know what I mean.

Maybe room could be left for the "side slide"? I don't know if the button would fit in the space between Zoom and F1 for Help, but maybe it could feature a decoration instead of the word "Upgrade".

Here's an attempt at the side version. I had to move the buttons on the right side of the console, and I think Engineering would still have to be moved around. But you could remove the "bar" part and just have the button down at the lower right.


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Originally Posted by "Arrew"
3. Five times? I was in your group for almost six months. I thought I was more memorable. I know I had a bit of time off but I was registered as a casual. I think I took one to two weeks off a month, hey I was playing at 4am on my only day off give me a break, and an extra week or two before I got my VPN. Wouldn’t that be more like 15 sessions, give or take? Then perhaps playing as Arrew and Rew upset the paperwork so it could be my fault. Not that this has anything to do with anything. 

That is interesting Arrew, because according to our records (which are quite meticulously kept), you joined as cadet on 27/07/2014, and the "schism", as you call it, occurred on 15/11/2014, when you chose to leave the TSN. By my calculations, that is all of 4 months. That gives a maximum of 16 session. As you were off at least one or two weeks per month, you could not possibly have been around for 15 sessions.

@ ryleyra

From looking at your images it does seem that, however it might be positioned, the upgrades button is going to interfere with something. Shrinking it looks the most viable option, as then it would reduce the area it covers on lower resolution screens. Moving it however seems to conflict with one or more screens. The bottom right looked a good choice, but looking at the Engineering console it begins to interfere with the raise and lower shields sliders. Also, what about considering the ergonomics of the button itself? By this, I am thinking specifically about those who like to play with touch screen consoles. Would it be easy enough to hit on a touch screen, without accidentally hitting other functions?

From looking at your console screen shots, are these on the smallest resolution (800x600)? How does it compare to the next available option?

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Well, I made the button the exact same height as the Activate button on the Update screen, comparing two screenshots of the screens side by side. So if the button is too small to be useful, so would the button to activate the upgrade.

The one thing I'm concerned about is the possibility that the font on the Upgrade screen may be scaled in some way that is unique to that screen. If so, then the button size on that screen may not apply to buttons on the main screen. But I'm hopeful that's not the case.

I think the button could use to be made smaller. Even where it is, centered on the screen, it can use to be distinguished from the tabs above it.
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