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Is it kosher for me to purchase, and my friends to all play on that copy, or do we all have to buy the game individually?

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As mentioned on the main site it is acceptable to share with people. Specifically up to 6 people.It is requested that if you share with more the developer asks that you buy another copy. 
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It depends on if you have a bridge license ($40) or a single license. ($7 on Steam, or $3 or so for tablet versions) AFAIK, the bridge license can only be bought here, although I think Steam might offer it.

Since a bridge license is good for 6 copies, it's cheaper than the single license on Steam, but not the tablet versions. The tablet version isn't made by Thom, though, and can lag behind the PC releases.

I'll also say that as far as I'm concerned, I think demoing the game for friends is just fine.

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You can buy a bridge pack on Steam but you "gift" the other 5 copies to specific friends (or Steam ID's) through Steam.  So they can't be used by just anyone other than who you gift them too.  So even though they are cheaper, the "Bridge Pack" from the Artemis site is a better deal since you can move that license around on different computers.  I'm happy with my Steam purchase and play with the people I've gifted the other copies out too, but if I ever have some other friends over, I'll have to buy the re-usable licensed bridge pack.
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