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Had a smaller than expected crew.  4 players, 5 stations (1 PC per station).

One player ran Science and Comms together.

I ran Weapons for the first time.  Each of the other players rotated being captain while they did their job.

We played 4 games at Level 6.

Key lessons for Weapons:
you have to click on a target before you shoot....
Clicking on the ordnance name in the Tube unloads the tube, instead of firing it (really!?)
Firing Nukes at short range hurts.
If we jump into the middle of a fleet, we are at short range, see above
If a Skaran decloaks on top of us while we're docked at DS1, we are still at short range
If terrorists ask for 900 energy and you just jumped in, convert some torpedos to energy to pay them off before they blow up the luxury liner and kill you
If Science says Red dots are coming, raise the shields anyway

We ran the Dreadnaught and missile crusier with Jump Drive for that BSG feel.

I really like the Jump Drive effect.  Its a bit harder to setup, but the countdown and black-out are really nicely done.

We had an excellent escape where an enemy missile was inbound, heavily damaged, and the Helm managed to jump us out RIGHT before the missile hit.  It then hit and destroyed DS1.

The luxury liner death was a surprise.  We Jumped in to meet them for a pick-up.  Terrorists announced "give us 900 energy or we'll blow her up!"  Then about 5 seconds later, Boom.  Our shields were down because we though we were just doing a peaceful pickup, and certainly didn't expect that they wouldn't give us ANY time to meet their demands.

Xavier Wise

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Sounds like you guys had some fun. I love the "key lessons"!
Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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Ah, sounds like a great time! Really brings me back to learning each position and the crazy times that went along with that. "Weapons, raise sheilds." "But sir, theres no enemies here." *we jump into a fleet with torgoths and the jump was input in wrong, so we were in the dead center of the fleet* *Artemis has been destroyed* "... (feigning innocence) Sir, you should have told me to raise sheilds..."
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Hilarity has ensued. I enjoyed reading that.

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Originally Posted by Xavier Wise
Sounds like you guys had some fun. I love the "key lessons"!

It was fun.  We all got a good laugh.  I think I got us killed twice with the Nukes at short range thing (in just those scenarios).

That's the danger of having Nukes in the tube, and absolutely needing to shoot at a surprise target.

I would consider pre-loading a Nuke in the center Tube, so the top and bottom Tubes are holding Homing missiles.  That way, in a rush moment, you'll likely fire from the top or bottom of the list, and get a extra moment to consider launching the Nuke.

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