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Hi, just finished trying to play a few games remotely with some friends (via a ZeroTier network).

Technical details:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 2.7.5
Ship: Dreadnought
Difficulty: 6
Pretty much everything set to "Many"

We tried to play games at this setting thrice and it crashed after around 20 minutes of gameplay everytime. It kinda feels like it happens around the time that fighters are out (and die? not sure).

Is there an error dump that I can send somewhere to help debug this problem? Or is this a known issue that has been resolved in a subsequent or upcoming version?

Thank you so much, really love the game! 😉

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This sounds like the crashes we were seeing when 2.7.2 was released, when the code changed for more player stations, more skaraan special abilites, and the 2nd wave of skaraans. 

If you play at a lower difficulty level (around 3 or 4), 2.7.x doesn't crash quite as often. You could also try scripted missions, which tend to be much more stable. 

So... yes, it's a known issue, but we haven't quite figured out what's causing the crashes, and Thom hasn't been able to fix it. 

Thom did add a debug window for 2.7.3, but we were never able to get it to work. It either bogs down the game to the point where it's unplayable, or the debug window crashes at the same time as the server, giving us no useful information.

You can still activate it if you like (set useDebugConsoleWindow to 1 in artermis.ini), but you'll want to make sure your server is fast enough to handle the additional workload. If you get any useful information from the debug window, I'm sure Thom would love to see it.  

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