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If you have suggestions for 2.7.4, please put them here!  Do note that with 3.0 under development, there probably won't be a lot of new functionality in 2.X.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
Mike Substelny

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An interesting idea came up in this forum thread:

The idea is a mode for Endless Play. It would be like the various Invasion Modes, but enemies would never stop spawning. Like a classic 80s arcade game it would be impossible to "win" in this mode, the game would end when all player ships were destroyed.

There would still be a scoreboard and rank at the end, so it would be possible for crews to compare their results and try to outdo each other for duration, enemies destroyed, rank, etc..

The idea originated with Niccolò but Darrin, Clavestone, Davidtrinh, and Ryleyre, and Xavierwise also contributed. I think there may be players out there who want to play in this mode.

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Xavier Wise

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I can't take any credit for the idea, but definitely agree that an endless 'Survival' mode would be cool. You could use the stats for length of time survived and number of enemies destroyed to track how well you managed. Adding customs options like number of starting stations would be interesting, especially if it could be set to 0. I think it should also have the option of end condition, e.g. last man standing, all bases destroyed, and should definitely end instantly when the last player ship is destroyed (with no respawns possible).

I could see us using it in the TSN RP Community and starting out with 5 ships keeping going until all ships are lost. Or having a TSN tournament and leader board with the longest survivor of the most enemies destroyed.

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Ditto on the survival mode.

Also, on the stats screen at the end (and not just for survival mode) I'd like to see a summary that reflects more than just the number of ships destroyed but also indicates their relative difficulty. Sort of like tonnage in sub sims, but more like a D&D challenge rating. So that destroying a couple of Skarrans with special abilities counts for more than a half dozen Kraliens.

For the endless/survival mode, it would be nice to have the difficulty of the enemies ramp up as an option (maybe this has been suggested) so that you don't just have endless waves of Level 1 enemies, but have each additional spawn increase the number/difficulty of enemies.

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Mike - as you know, I use your Attract Mode script as a systems check-out {after setup} and for new player training.  Well last Friday I parked the cruiser Midnight off in a corner.  Eventually I went home and to bed.  Left bridge running, HOPING to get some interest  and there was someone there that knew how to start a "real game" and as a "stress test" on my h/w.  Got back ~12 hours later, ended.  Saw some 800+ Torgoths destroyed.  Also ~28K  allied ships destroyed!   
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In this thread: we've been discussing how to devote a PC to being the "Left" and "Right" windows of the ship to increase immersion. The flight simulator community uses this approach to do some awesome builds:


The "Observer" station is already most of the way there, it just needs an option to lock the view at a specific point of view, as the main screen does now. I guess there would be two approaches to this:

  • Add a "Mainscreen View Selector" to the observer station GUI, just as helm and weapons have now, that locks that view to cam left/right/front/back. Perhaps the control could fade away if there's no mouse movement for a few seconds.
  • Add options in artemis.ini to lock the observer station to a specific angle of view at a specific position fore/aft. Then immersive bridge builders could actually have multiple "portholes" on each side of the ship. Very cool!

This would probably also be useful for streamers.


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Remember this: ?

Can we get the OPTN (Options) on the client to persist? Damage Visualization is a big one for our conventions. We still have to adjust it on EVERY mission launch. 

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