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In the theme of fixing fighters and drones:

Is the back button fixed so that you can go from Unassigned in the fighter selection menu to the N-1 option (for TSN ships in vanilla, it would go from Unassigned to TSN Medium Fighter)?
Is fighter missile configuration being fixed (right now, it seems like fighters are hardwired to missile type "trp" and can't function if another valid type is listed instead like "nuk")?


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oh man, I was SO hoping for a release this weekend. I've got 19 people coming over to play tonight, two bridges, my lighting rig going, pizza, drinks, the whole nine yards. It's gonna be Nerdvana!!!

Mike Substelny

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Unfortunately 2.7.2 is not ready for prime time yet. Thom wants to do more testing before it is released into the wild. IMO that's a good idea because our last test did reveal a new crash bug that Thom didn't know about. You would not want to play that version.

Artemis 2.7.2 will be tested in Cleveland at Critical Hit Games on Thursday, February 21. If it passes the test it may be released shortly thereafter.

I will be in Arizona at that time, and Thom has given me permission to carry around a beta of 2.7.2 in case someone in Arizona wants to help with the testing. If you are interested please let me know.

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I'm all for QA! Would have been a bummer to have repeated crashes at the party. Had enough trouble with one of the Mac systems, and for some reason an MS surface that insisted on messing with its fullscreen mode on a regular basis. 
Looking forward to the release (especially changing shield frequencies to give science more to do!) for the next get together, which will definitely be more low key. One ship only, I think.


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So, the other ones I understand, but could someone please tell me exactly what these keybindings will do?  I have actually been wanting a server control panel, and have started planning one, but some clearer understanding of these functions would be helpful!

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