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Originally Posted by DizzyKungFu

I just tried this. It DOES work with CTRL+number! However, this is really annoying to do for any length of time. Is there any way to change this or is it hard-coded?

Control + Number for Comms keys was changed in 2.6.3, or at least it's mentioned in the changes.ini file under there. In version 2.6.204 (which I think is the most stable version prior to 2.7.x, and thus more popular with some mods), you can still use either the Number keys or Control + Number.

The "Red Alert" key "r" also now requires Control + R to activate. However, in the controls.ini file, you can switch this back to just the "R" key by editing the file:


Change to:


Unfortunately, I don't see anything in the control.ini file about using the number keys or a toggle to turn off the "CTRL" requirement.

Dave Thaler

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It's because comms can type in arbitrary text messages, so the regular number keys would be normal message content.

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Played comms for a few hours this evening, it's been a while. I'll be honest, it was almost TIRING holding the control key down with my left finger 99% of the time whilst hitting the shortcuts for all stations to manufacture nukes, all friendlies to head to DS1, or running surrender sequences on the 5-6 nearest enemies.

I think I'd rather see 0-9 work as before, *BUT* have some shortcut key, maybe "M", or TAB, or click mouse in the text box to begin an arbitrary text message, sent with return or abandoned by escape, at which point I want to be able to use 0-9 "the old way" again.  [frown]


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I think this is a generally fantastic idea about how comms should wok. Even without the shortcut keys, having a key to “activate” the text message field, and being able to abandon it with escape or send with enter. Love it.

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I have to agree. I may have made a similar suggestion, but I can't remember. But really, you don't need to start typing and immediately start sending a text. An activation key to open it would work just fine.

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Originally Posted by ryleyra
But really, you don't need to start typing and immediately start sending a text. An activation key to open it would work just fine.

I agree. Some other games use "Enter" as a toggle between opening and sending&closing the message field.

Truth be told, programming it the way Thom did looks like he anticipated the message window to be used much more than it is in any game i've ever seen. That may also be the case because we use headsets and a VOIP service to facilitate communication between multiple ships. The ingame chat function is neither elaborate nor efficient enough to make much sense to me. Plus it makes everything else about the COMMS console much less convenient.
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