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Dave Thaler

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Here is a fixed controls.ini which also fixes several other typos in the file.
Mike Substelny

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Thanks, Dave!
"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill

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Are you interested in 2.7.1 "Plunder Interrupted!" crash logs / dumps, or only 2.7.2 at this point, @techbear?
Angel of Rust

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Tried a few games out in 2.7.2 to see what would happen. No crashes, but did observe something interesting.

Captain’s Log

Yardmaster Kevin reporting, in temporary command of the Normandy. Refit of Normandy’s control systems was partially complete when orders arrived from TSN Command to investigate anomalous spacetime distortions believed to be caused by Skaraan ships in the sector. Normandy is currently the only ship in range to investigate. Unfortunately, the crew is on alternative assignment while in refit, so we got underway with a skeleton crew (2 bold crew members generally flailing about from station to station).

TSN Command provided Normandy with a direct feed from TSN Intelligence (Game Master) throughout the mission to help even the odds. Initially, Normandy logged all enemy contacts into the mission record, but the task was abandoned when the true nature of this latest threat became clear.

TSN Command assured Normandy that TSN Intelligence would provide all details regarding the Skaraan ships. While Intel was useful in providing the enemy locations, we quickly discovered that we would need to scan all contacts ourselves to obtain the necessary details regarding enemy capabilities. With all due respect to the admiralty, Normandy would have been better prepared had we known about the gaps in Intel’s capabilities.

Due to our past encounters with the Skaraans, we expected dangerous and well-equipped foes. However, despite these notions, we were completely unprepared for the enormity of our enemy’s technical prowess. Each Skaraan vessel possessed as many 6 independent special weapons systems. In some cases, the devilish combination of these devices meant our foes could drain our shields in the complete safety of cloak whilst neutralizing our probing torpedo attacks – only to teleport out of weapons range once they became visible. Only the dogged determination of Normandy’s temporary crew, essentially TSN reservists on yard duty, ensured victory and the recovery of the battered Normandy.

For all that, we only became aware of the worst development late in our campaign. Troubled by the apparent relentlessness of the Skaraan threat, Normandy began to suspect that enemy ships were secretly reinforcing the marauders in-system during the progress of our patrol. Through careful observation of our sensor readouts and corroboration with TSN Intel, we were able to confirm this suspicion and directly observed the appearance of new Skaraan vessels after their predecessors had been destroyed. Normandy is fortunate to have survived and rescued (most of) the imperiled stations under this double threat. It is our sincere hope that the information we have gathered will help our comrades combat this unexpected development.

The following narrative provides noteworthy details from each patrol (game) of our mission:

  1. Our first patrol ended as quickly as it started. The patrol was initiated prematurely and Normandy beat a hasty retreat to resupply.
  2. We executed our second patrol as we would a standard TSN war patrol, seeking threats to the local stations and dispatching them before they could inflict grievous damage. Intel provided no details regarding the special capabilities of the Skaraan Executor and Enforcer encountered, although Normandy observed the Enforcer making multiple jumps in the course of the engagement.
  3. In Normandy’s third patrol, Science observed three Skaraan Executors approaching TSN stations after the destruction of their fellows. This instance was our first inkling of the new threat.
  4. In our forth patrol, the after action report from TSN Command congratulated Normandy for the destruction of four Skaraan ships, much to the bafflement of our crew. Science had logged the details of 3 ships and Weapons was certain of 2 kills. However, Normandy gladly took credit regardless.
  5. The fifth patrol revealed nothing of note.
  6. In our sixth patrol, Normandy encountered space jellys. Curiously absent from the short-range sensors, they were nevertheless a delight to see on the main viewscreen and were duly noted by Science.
  7. Normandy ventured deeper into dangerous space on the seventh patrol. In addition to jellys, we also entered a space dragon, which serendipitously aided our cause by chomping on the Skaraan ships. Rumors that Normandy was overwhelmed by enemy ships and destroyed are clearly overstated.
  8. On the eighth patrol, Normandy encountered six Skaraan ships, at least one of which is believed to have arrived late to the battle.
  9. Now thoroughly convinced of the threat posed by secret reinforcements, Normandy maintained extra vigilance on the ninth and final patrol of the mission. A Skaraan Executor and a Skaraan Enforcer were observed jumping in-system to continue the assault begun by their fallen cohort.

The following table presents selected data recorded during the campaign.

instancegamelevelenemy raceenemy typeenemy specialsothernotes
115   nonequick start and exit
   SkaraanEnforcernone multiple jumps
   ArvonianLight Carrier8 fighters  
   ArvonianCarrier12 fighters  
       9 Kralien kills
       1 Arvonian kill
       2 Skaraan kills
135SkaraanExecutornone multiple drones
   SkaraanExecutornone multiple jumps
   ArvonianLight Carrier8 fighters  
   ArvonianCarrier12 fighters  
       3 more Skaraan Executors appeared after killing the 2 from the start of the game
145SkaraanEnforcercloak, HET, Warp, AntiMine, AntiTorp, ShldVamp 
   SkaraanExecutorStealth, Closk, Warp, Teleport, ShldDrain 
   SkaraanDefilerLowVis, Warp, ShldDrain, ShldVamp, TeleBack 
   pirana 6  
   ArvonianLight Carrier8 fighters  
       4 Skaraan ships destroyed (2)
155SkaraanExecutorstealth, warp, antimine, antitorp, shlddrain, shldvamp
   SkaraanExecutorstealth, warp, tractor, drones, shldvamp, shldreset 
   SkaraanEnforcercloak, het, shlddrain, teleback 
       3 Skaraan ships destroyed
165SkaraanExecutorcloak, drones, antitorp, shldreset 
   SkaraanEnforcerstealth, antimine, antitorp, shldvamp, teleback 
   jellys   2 Skaraan ships destroyed
177SkaraanDefilerlowvis, warp, teleport, tractor, drones 
   SkaraanExecutorhet, warp, drones, antitorp, slddrain, shldvamp, telebackattacked by dragon 
   SkaraanEnforcerwarp, antitorp, teleback  
   SkaraanDefilerantimine, shlddrain, teleback 
   SkaraanEnforcerstealth, shlddrain, shldvamp, teleback, shldreset 
   SkaraanEnforcerstealth, lowvis, cloak, tractor, drones 
       glorious defeat
187SkaraanEnforcerlowvis, closk, warp, teleport, tractor, drones, shldreset
   SkaraanExecutorlowvis, warp, teleport, antitorp, shldvamp 
   SkaraanExecutorlowvis, cloak, teleport, antitorp 
   SkaraanDefilercloak, waro, teleport, shldvamp 
   SkaraanEnforcerwarp, teleport, tractor, drones, teleback 
   SkaraanDefilerantimine, antitorp, shldresetappeared? 
       glorious defeat
195SkaraanExecutorstealth, tractor, antimine, antitorp, teleback 
   SkaraanExecutorstealth, lowvis, cloak, warp, antitorp, shlddrain, shlddrain
   SkaraanExecutortractor, drones, shlddrain, shldreset 
   SkaraanEnforcerlowvis, shlddrain, shldreset 
       25 Kralien kills
       14 Arvonian kills
       1 Torgoth kill
       4 Skaraan  kills
       2 Terran bases destroyed

final patrol debrief:
20190601_211803 - Copy.jpg 




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Mini bug in 2.7.2 (may be fixed in 2.7.3, I haven't had access to it)
controls.ini (including Dave Thaler's fixed one):


This clashes with the undocumented TOGGLE_AI
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