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Originally Posted by ryleyra

I would like to second this suggestion. While it is possible to randomly generate maps (look at several of my randomized sector scripts, particularly my Sector Generator) the algorithm is incredibly complex and takes up hundreds of lines of code. It would be much easier to just be able to randomly locate some terrain features with a variation of the create command. Perhaps you could even limit the terrain to a region of the sector.

One suggestion I have made in the past is to give the command to ability to specify a "seed", which will then be used to randomly generate whatever terrain is desired. You can then use the same seed to recreate the exact same sector again, or change to a different seed to produce different results. Using a random seed or leaving the seed blank would result in a totally random sector.

The exact same commands could also be used to add the ability to randomly place items in a Gamemastered script, or linked to GM buttons. (Depending on if you want to build that capability into all Gamemaster modules or rely on the script to code it)

And I third this one! Love the idea of a <generate_sector> script command with parameters for terrain, lethals, monsters, friendlies, and so forth. 

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Another idea came to me the other day:

As of now, fighters are really underdeveloped. Personally, I enjoy the  option to jump into a fighter and, as part of a squadron, take on enemy ships from multiple angles. However, I agree with most of the players who tried fighters at one of our conventions that they aren't really fun as they stand. Navigating in a fighter is harder than it needs to be. At the very least, a mini-map of sorts would be great to always keep track of where you are in relation to your mother ship or an incoming enemy fleet. Also, this would make longer fighter patrols feasible as you can navigate the sector using a mini-map.

A second idea concerning the fighters would add some functionality to look around. It seems to me, the simplest way would be to add the same functionality to the fighter that Weapons and Helm already have for the main screen.

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With the wide release of 2.7.4, I'm going to lock this thread. Please post any bugs or suggestions in their relevant threads.
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
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