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Originally Posted by techbear
"At mission start, the Weapons console torpedo selector is set to the type of torpedo last used in the previous mission, rather than setting back to the default. This actually affects a mission script I'm working on in which Weapons is told to tap the "Torpedo" selector button... which isn't marked Torpedo on subsequent runs."

It looks to me like this has been fixed!  Can someone double-check for me?

Looks that way to me too. Loaded up a local server and client on which I took Helm/Weap/Eng/Sci, completed a level 1 Solo Mission in a TSN Battleship making sure the first thing I did was change the torpedo selector to Nuke, and then immediately launch another Solo Mission. Upon switching from main screen to the weapons console on my client, I found that the torpedo selector had defaulted back to standard Torpedo.
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