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Dave Thaler

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Originally Posted by fungus1487
Sorry to dig this thread out but did anyone anywhere ever end up with a concise list of Missions that work with 2.4 and where to download them?

See this page: and look for any missions with 2.4 or higher in the Max Successful Artemis Version column.

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Originally Posted by LawsonThompson
The User-Created Missions page in the wiki contains an embedded Google Spreadsheet. The first tab is visible: the other tabs contain behind-the-scenes data. I did it this way to reduce the amount of time necessary to maintain it, and to make it easy to change the layout without having to re-enter too much stuff.

I'll go ahead and open up the list for public edit: The edit URL is

The Mission List Data tab contains the majority of the real content: that's the part that should be edited.

The Main List tab automatically updates when the Mission List Data tab is updated with new content. It's not instant, but it will update! The updated content appears as an embedded spreadsheet on the wiki page.

Thanks for that, I've been meaning to figure out who was in charge of that spreadsheet.

Mike Substelny

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A lot of mission scripts are designed for veteran crews, not rookies.

Perhaps we need a few for rookies.

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
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Failing is part of the fun [smile]
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