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I realize the immersion factor might not be there, but has anyone considered a TARDIS style standing console.  Use 2 smaller TVs on a post back to back in the middle for view screens.  I feel like this could be a more efficient use of space.

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Actually, this might be a good design, and has been seen on more shows than just Doctor Who. The Romulan Warbird in "Balance of Terror" had a central control pylon that the officers all stood around, and the new Battlestar Galactica makes use of a "War Room" like layout with a bank of central screens.

The big question is the design of the main screen. Two screens back to back would be more expensive than one screen, but manageable, but anyone viewing the screens from the side would be unable to see them. A triangular arrangement would be even more expensive but offer better 360 degree view. A square layout like in Battlestar Galactica would be best for all-around visibility, but would suffer the most from both cost and screen size, as the displays would be duplicated, and most of the total screen space would face away from the viewer.

Still, a good variation.

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I was in the mall yesterday and saw big 50 inch upright touch screens. Used for adverts and interactive maps. Thought they'd be good for you guys that do conventions.

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Interesting discussion.  Have you guys pondered how small of a bridge you can make?  I'm thinking in terms of where space is very limited, how optimal of a layout can be done?

I like the idea of PVC tubing to build the room (for a convention) with hanging sheets over it (black or grey would look OK).  It won't cut sound down much, but it does remove visual distraction from the bridge.

If you guys adopt a standard spec based on some typical convention booth size, then folks could build their own frame, and bring it to Armada 2 and be able to connect them or line up next to each other with consistency.


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There's been several discussions about bridge size, both in this thread and others.  10'x10' sounds like a pretty standard convention booth area, but since Armada isn't a standard convention it's not like we need to be constrained by it.  12'x12' sounded like a pretty good space for both accessibility and visibility, but most setups could probably be squeezed down if necessary.  Based on the hall Armada 1 was set up in, I think Gyphon laid out something like 20 12'x12' bridges.  That's a significant number of immersion bridges (we only had 2 at Armada 1), and is probably a good place to start.

I'm a big fan of the PVC pipe frame + curtain/canvas - the interior could be painted or decorated to make it snazzier, and it'd be light and easy to transport. 

Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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This setup is 12'X12' on the inside, complete with a captians platform, custom seating, flooring, walls and lights. Still portable, so a lot of the immersion effects had to be cut, but if you want an idea for a good start, I would be more than happy to assist with info!

We made pylons out of 2x4's laminated together, and stringers with 2x4's lap jointed. the walls are OSB painted with Rustoleum Restore deck paint (Basically pigmented concrete)

The ceiling panels are Re-purposed ABS plastice pallets that air conditioning units were shipped on, we didn't even have to paint them.

A note, put at least ONE box fan in the ceiling to circulate air, we had two and the temperature was just right.

Again, if you want tips, let me know! I'll be more than happy to send you information/schematics.


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