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A Cold Night in Winter's Space.  
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A Cold Night in Winter's Space.
An Eastern Front Lore campaign event.


The thing about Torgoths..... they hold grudges. And while the Eastern Front region of TSN controlled space is not a major front, it doesn't mean that we are ignored by the enemy either.

Mission 1 - Torgothinan Advance!
in an effort to seize more territory for raw ore and supplies, the Torgoth Empire as commited their entire 15th and 23rd battle groups to sieze terrotory in contested space. Strategic, simultanious strikes are happening against Kilo, Gamma, and the Twins (India & Juliet) sectors. Which do you defend? the Arvonian allies in Kilo? The ore rich twins (India & Juliet), or the strategic Gamma sectors?

Mission 2 - Enemy of my enemy is my enemy
The Kralian ambassador, on board ShoShuShen has accessed secured documents and transponders codes! A Kralian assault force has entered the region and has its target on ShoShuShen! Defend the base!

Mission 3 if time - Resupply FOB Harper's Way
Weapons, supplies and engineering crews are in desperate need at Harper's Way FOB after the previous attacks. It's rumored a Xim/Targoth strike force is in the area!

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