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SPACE QUEST at Epic Nerd Camp  
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Our galaxy is in danger! An evil empire is on the rise, as their overlord searches for the collection of artifacts that would give him unlimited power and immortality. Journey with your intrepid crew in a race to find the artifacts first!

Space Quest is a LAARRP (Live Action Augmented Reality Role Play) where you’ll play through a scenario that involves a spaceship mission (utilizing Artemis), and an “away mission” where you’ll have to use your laser gun to blast your way through alien enemy fire with the objective of retrieving an object, then make a speedy escape back through space. Space Quest is a non-contact mix of a computer game and laser tag.

Each mission is a self-contained adventure, but is also part of a larger story arc campaign. Captains must commit to daily debriefing meetings. They’ll meet with surviving and future mission crews, to track the status of the campaign and warn future crews of the enemy’s movements.

Space Quest is being held at Epic Nerd Camp, and while there’s no extra fee to participate in the LAARRP, you must be a registered attendee of ENC.

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