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A Mid-Summer Night's War - an Eastern Front campaign  
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A Mid-Summer Night's War - an Artemis Eastern Front campaign

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Official Eastern Front Campaign missions

Mission #1 - Enemy of my Enemy

After raiding one of the Hedgemony command ships, TSN Intel was able to discern that all is not well in the Hedgemony Alliance. It seems the Targoth have been in secret communications with the Ximni. The Arvonians are not happy.

TSN Black Operative code named "Slate" has sent a priority one mission to EF command. It seems there is to be diplomatic summit deep in Targoth controlled territory. TSN wants EF to send ships to slip into enemy controlled space, intercept the Arvonian ambassadors diplomatic shuttle, and “convince” them to return to EF Command station ShoShuShen. Then negotiations will commence to either get Arvonians to ally with Terra Prime, or at least sign a non-aggression pact.

The object is to identify which ship holds the ambassador and reroute them to friendly TSN space. All Pirate, civilian, and TSN scout ships only (no "official" TSN interdiction) . Be wary of any Targoth or Ximni interception forces. Kralians are a non-factor .

Mission #2 - The Bennedict Treaty

Arvonians, have hopefully decided to, at least temporarily ally with Terra Prime. Targoth and Xmini forces have decided that any treaty negotitans must be interrupted.

Negotiations with Arvonians will take 20 minutes (signatures, toasts, handshakes, kisses, etc). We must not allow any interruption to the process. Defend the Command station "Harper's Way", civilian militia and TSN combat support vessels are in the vicinity to support any defense. All ships are allowed.

Artemis Eastern Front background 
"With war raging across the galaxy, Earth forces are spread thin and an unlikely naval flotilla is amassed. Here privateers, military naval vessals and those just trying to survive join forces in a desperate last stand! Here, you will find the grizzled veteran and the rawest of recruit working together for the commin good. Here, on the Eastern Front!"

Artemis: Eastern front is an online gaming group for Artemis: Spaceship Bridge simulator that is geared towards the Eastern US timezone. We are beginner friendly and try to create a welcoming atmosphere for all that want to play the game to learn and try out new tactics. Our current gametime is Tuesday evenings 8:00pm (first game) till roughly 10:00pm EDT. We meet on Teamspeak (no password needed). Join us whether you are an old hand that wants to play with some new people, if you have never played before and want to learn, or anywhere in between!

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