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Eastern Front: Origins Lore (ONLINE EVENT)  
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Cadets of the current TSN academy graduating Senior class and advanced Sophomores.

TSN High command congratulates you on your high performance in the classroom. Now its time for you Senior Project and first mission. TSN Communications Satellite Relay (CommSat) has a downed satellite in the Eastern Front Region near the ShoShuShen ship graveyard.

Your mission is two-fold. Enter the far region, establish ShoShuSHen station to a command station status (fix 'er up) and use any nearby materials from the graveyard to establish a base of operations. Several TSN Academy instructors will transport you in on the TSN retired light cruiser "Academia".

CommSat relay reports limited to non-existent Hedgemony activity, and some unsubstantiated rumors of Pirate activity.

Once you get the station active, proceed to defend the station from any hostile forces until supply lines can be established.

*** Eastern Front Mod 1.1 will be in play, Mod will be available by 2/10.*****
Eastern Front Mod 1.1

Artemis Eastern Front Facebook Page


Novices and beginners welcome, expert players are welcome. RP is encouraged but not necessary.
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