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Default AI stack Alice 755 3
by Xavier Wise
Artemis Ship Builder 1.5....? Noktarn 669 1
by Noktarn
Why doesnt this work Toochaos 461 2
by Toochaos
Mission scripting problems that seem to cause server crash fafnirbcrow 573 1
by Badgeguy
Questions about beam ports Arkantos 978 5
by Arkantos
New Mission by FutileChas Charlie 950 1
by Charlie
Implemening User Generated Ships Drakuri 668 3
by Vorus
How to use TRY_TO_BECOME_LEADER and ATTACK blu 1,173 5
by Alice
A bunch of things I wish I could do with the mission script maplealmond 829 2
by maplealmond
Invasion Mode Script mintlongboards 576 2
by mintlongboards
Fighters Miss Script mintlongboards 685 1
by mintlongboards
PVP Hamachi Server mintlongboards 624 0
by mintlongboards
Anyone know/have a list of possible space ship "missions"? Sintax7 1,012 5
by JSpaced
USS Excalibur - Into the Breach Mission JSpaced 1,518 12
by Rufas
BvB scripting protip 544 1
by Charlie
Trouble with distance condition Thomas Rasmussen 484 5
by huin
Mission Timer Tournament Of Crews 625 2
by Alice
Mission: Last One Out updated for 2.0 (still 1.7x) zthumser 838 2
by zthumser
Incrementing variables Darkwombat 612 2
by Darkwombat
Mission Script Reference 2.0 russjudge 3,200 8
by russjudge
GM end game/Mission command anwoke8204 679 1
by Xavier Wise
From archive, issue still exists, Enemy surrenders when not supposed to anwoke8204 646 1
by anwoke8204
Get Ready for Artemis 2.0! Mike Substelny 1,768 8
by JSpaced
Mission Editor? ibcrandy 917 4
by Klaaxon
(Archive) Scripted System Damage Longbowman1346 791 1
by travishead
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